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Myself, I blame Mussolini. You see, you could argue that if he hadn't got Italy involved in World War II, the country wouldn't have ended up in such a mess in 1945. Then along came Piaggio, one of the country's major industrial and munitions companies...

The more observant of you may have noticed that it’s actually pretty damn’ cold outside. No matter how sunny it looks through the window, winter is really still here and is happy to make its presence felt just as soon as you get moving...

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Once upon a time, things were fairly straightforward if you wanted to get around on two wheels. First, you popped down to the Post Office, handed over 10/- (50p) and got yourself a provisional licence. Then, armed with a couple of L-plates from Halfords and a second-hand helmet, it was down to a dealer or a search through the local rag to purchase some wheels... Safety has to be foremost in our minds, and if having my lights on means that just one motorist sees me and doesn’t make that right turn or pull out of that junction then surely it’s a good thing. The objections are, to be honest, typical of motorcyclists. We argue about compulsion despite the fact that we already do it.Most bikers probably won’t even notice a change until they buy a new machine and it doesn’t have a light switch...

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