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Cadwell Park
A minature Nurburgring, one of the most demanding circuits in the country. Everyone should ride it.
Cadwell Park Racing Circuit
The Old Manor House
Cadwell Park
Lincs LN11 9SE
Ray Reynolds/Mick Brown
opening times:
0900-1700 Mon-Fri (racing most weekends)
circuit length:
2.173 miles

How to get There

from the south:
leave the A1 at Grantham and follow the A153 through Sleaford and Horncastle
from the north:
take the A16 to Louth, follow the road around the town centre towards Skegness and then turn right onto the A153 towards Horncastle for about 7 miles
from the west:
take the A631 west from Grantham, following this road through Market Rasen to Louth where you turn right onto the A16 towards Skegness and then right again onto the A153 towards Horncastle for about 7 miles



Medium sized, mostly grass and gravel with some tarmac roads

On-site only on racedays.
Upgate Service Station
Upgate, Louth, Lincs
(5m North A153)
Nearest 24hrs:
Tesco Filling Station
Wragby Road, Lincoln
(24m West A157/A158)

Restaurant and licensed bar in clubhouse
Circuit Map


Originally opened in 1934, the current shape evolved in 1962 and since that time has only changed in small details, mainly to improve safety. In this respect it is a miracle that Cadwell Park continues in operation, as it is ultra-narrow even by club circuit standards and run off areas are dangerously small or even non-existent in some places. The circuit may be a bit remote, tucked away in the Lincolnshire Wolds, but it is a wonderful place to ride, drive, and spectate. Even more surprising is given that Lincolnshire is renowned for being totally flat, Cadwell Park has enough crests and brows to have acquired the tag of Britain's mini-Nurburgring.

Easily the most picturesque circuit in the country, it has a character all of its own. Be in no doubt however, that it is an extremely challenging ride, but well worth the trip for any enthusiast. It has several features that are unique, two of them being 'The Gooseneck', a vicious off-camber corkscrew with a rapidly descending exit, and 'The Mountain' a short sharp incline that will see the more powerful machinery getting airborne (hence those 'Ring connotations).

Trackday Operators
0870- 4445541
A1 Speed Freak Trackdays
01625 859969
R1 Owners Club
100% Bikes
Track Time Promotions
No Limits
Hopp Rider Training
C&C Trackdays
European Superbike School
Focused Events
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Where to Stay
distance from circuit
Travel Inn, Lincoln
24 miles
Admiral Rodney Hotel, Horncastle
7 miles
Stamford House B&B, Miningsby
11 miles
Butterfields Guest House, Louth
8 miles
Grange Farm, Maltby-le-Marsh
12 miles
Haywain Motel, Ulceby Cross
9 miles
The Black Horse PH, Donington-on-Bain
6 miles
The Plough Inn, Louth
5 miles
Masons Arms PH, Louth
6 miles
Keddington House B&B, Louth
5 miles
The Limes Country Hotel, Market Rasen
12 miles
Westbrook House B&B, Gayton-le-Marsh
10 miles
Old Rectory Guest House, Stewton
4 miles
Jolls Farmhouse,Greetham,Horncastle,
01507 588632
7 miles

A Lap of The Circuit

There are two alternatives for Cadwell – the short circuit and the Mountain circuit. If you can, do the Mountain. It’s a little daunting at first but it’s worth it. Trust me – I’m a journalist.

Assuming you are doing the Mountain, then.

Come out of the paddock into Hall Bends. First time around this will be a gentle right, left, right into the trees. Very scenic, very relaxing. Only it isn't so scenic now as the trees have been grubbed up in an attempt to give better sight lines through the bends (which hasn't worked) and to remove some of the more threatening things to hit off the track (which has). The next bend is The Hairpin. Treat it with respect, because like all the bends in this part of the track there is no run-off whatsoever. It’s also worth remembering that the trees mean that this part of the circuit stays damp and slippery far longer than the rest. Out of The Hairpin and there is a short straight to Barn, a slightly downhill right hander. Although it’s important to get a good drive out for the main start/finish straight, beware the highside on the exit and watch for the armco that comes closer to the track as the straight commences.

At the end of the straight you will come to Coppice, an uphill left hander that leads straight into Charlies. Charlies is a blind, double apex right, and both of these corners require skill and courage to take well. Good track knowledge is also important. Build up to it and make use of the cones that your helpful organiser has hopefully put out for you, especially looking for the turnin to the second part of Charlies. Park Straight isn’t really straight at all. But it is ever so fast. The braking point for Park Corner is blind as you come over the crest, but the marker boards make it easier. Watch your knees on the kerb inside Park Corner as it’s a little high.

Exiting Park you have a short straight again before the never ending right hander of Chris Curve. Lots of speed and lots of course but don’t go too crazy because the most common place on the track to fall off is coming up. The Gooseneck is a simple enough right-left chicane but the combination of it being slightly downhill and the tendency to approach it way to fast make it a dangerous combination. Here’s a good hint – get turning for the second part as soon as you possibly can to make it easier on yourself. Mansfield is a horrible downhill left hander that feels all wrong but is actually quite easy with no surprises. Watch for the front letting go, though, as you’re braking hard on a fairly steep downhill.

Out of Mansfield you’ll encounter a new chicane built to slow riders down before the Mountain itself. It’s an ugly contrivance and it rather spoils the flow of the track but make the most of it. Don't be surprised if you find that every lap brings a different line - it just happens that way sometimes, especially on something as un-natural as a very sharp chicane. After that comes The Mountain itself. Unless you’re on the short circuit in which case you’ll be turning right and getting back onto the start/finish straight. The Mountain starts with a sharp left hander, followed by a sharp right that simply goes uphill. Steeply. At the top of the hill you will wheelie. Accept it and don’t worry – there’s plenty of room. If you’re going fast you may take off completely. Stay calm and all will be fine. Then you’re back into Hall Bends, which are no longer so gentle, and that’s a lap.

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