What's this cocomment thing, then ?

Simon Bradley


You may have noticed a new bit on the bottom of our article pages, inviting you to comment on the article. Rather than sending you off to the forum, these comments will appear at the bottom of the article. People can read it easier and the context becomes more clear. I hope.

We're nowhere near clever enough to produce something like this ourselves, of course. So we've gone into partnership (for want of a different word) with coComment. Because they are clever like that.

You don't need to register on the CoComment site to make comments (the register option is automatically presented at the bottom of the page) but you will need to provide a nickname of some sort. Oh, and you'll see an advert running at the bottom. But that's it - you're guaranteed not to get spammed and they absolutely won't sell your details on if you do register. Once you've registered the once you'll be able to track any other comments you make, their responses and so on, which is pretty cool - the site uses cookies to remember your logon details (though you can choose not to) which makes it easy for you.

Matt, who runs CoComment, is an old friend, demon trackday goer and generally good bloke. If he says you won't get spammed then you won't. We asked what coComment actually is, from the horse's mouth so the speak, and this is what he said:

"coComment is a service for managing, powering and researching conversations online. When using coComment, you can keep track of your comments across any site, share them with friends, and get notified when you get a response.

Have you ever posted comments or questions on articles and blogs and then forgotten where you"ve left them? By tracking your conversation with coComment, you can see all your comments on one page and get notified. You will never miss a response, and will always be part of your online conversations!"

So there you have it. Get commenting, even if to tell us what you think about coComment!



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