Pazzo Racing levers

Words and Pics by Steve Gregory

Is it me or does this look like a well know aging British rock star?The Homunculus is a distorted model of the human form based on how much of our brains’ sensory and motor cortex each body part demands. Clearly our brains have assigned a disproportionate amount of perception and motor control to those most useful of appendages, the hands. Which brings us neatly to the most vital controls we require for a motorcycle; brake, clutch and throttle. Thankfully, some bright spark had the great idea of giving us control of these functions by hand enabling us to assign the most amount of our higher brain function to the primary control of our machines. Well, most of us…

And most of us take these controls for granted which is where Pazzo Racing Levers come in. They have produced some of the most beautifully engineered and ergonomically friendly levers currently available for your motorcycle. Their clutch and brake levers are CNC Machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, to very precise tolerances. They come in a variety of anodized colors are fully adjustable, use stainless steel fasteners and cadmium plated custom made springs. Not only that but they are also available as “shortys”, cut down on length for the two fingered brigade among us.

Fitting them is dead easy. When Pazzo say they are machined to precise tolerances, they are not kidding. The machined surfaces are finished with jewel like precision and all of the parts, the inner bushing, spring and mounting area slot together like an oversized Swiss watch. Once they are in place there is no slop or looseness at all.

Adjustment is provided for reach via a chunky lever that has a very positive and satisfying click. Five positions are provided which gives you about 25mm range to choose from in 5mm steps. While this is relatively commonplace for the front brake on modern machinery, reach adjustment is also provided for the clutch. This means you can set the clutch action for slack as per the manual and then adjust for reach. Once you have tried this you won’t ever want to go back as you can set the clutch action to exactly where you need it without having to worry if there’s too much tension in the cable.

The lever adjustment is infinitely better than the standard rotary adjuster on most bikes. Not only can you adjust it with gloved hands, you can easily see where the needle is set without having to read numbers off a dial. Just as well, because the first thing people do when they see these levers is play with your preferred setting.

I only ever use two fingers on both brake and clutch so I went for the shorty levers and what a difference they made to the bike! In traffic I tend to hover two fingers over the front brake and being able to quickly set the lever to a comfortable position is critical. The biggest difference however is with the clutch. Usually you have to compromise between keeping the correct amount of slack in the cable and having the clutch action occur where you want it. Not with these levers; set the correct tension or slack with the standard cable adjustment and then set the reach or biting point exactly where you want it. I couldn’t conceivably give up this facility.

As for the looks, well I leave that to you to decide. I think they really set off the bike a treat. If you are not obsessed with black (as I am) then a whole variety of anodized colours are available. Each and every component can be produced in whatever colour combination you can think of. Pazzo will make up a set of levers for you and you can contact them here to order. Quality items like these do not come cheaply although so far as I am concerned, they are worth every penny.


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