What is MotorbikesToday all about?

The Editor demonstrating that yes, you can have fun on just about anything with wheels and an engine...Well, if we were to say "motorbikes" then hopefully it wouldn't be too much of a shock. We started MBT with the intention of providing an impartial, honest, independent view of bikes and biking. It sort of grew from there, really. Some of the people have changed, the business model (such as there is) has changed as well, but the ethos has remained the same - we're still independent, still impartial and still honest.

We also try to be entertaining, interesting and informative. Oh, and inclusive - while it may sometimes seem that we concentrate a lot on, for argument's sake, on Superbike racing, that doesn't mean that we won't also cover custom bikes, scooters, commuters or the latest in waterproof clothing. Especially if someone comes along and asks us. So if you want something covered and we're not doing it, tell us and we'll try to oblige.

So who are we?

Simon Bradley, Editor.

Former championship endurance racer, Nurburgring riding coach and occasional advanced instructor, Simon has been riding virtually without a break since 1979. You'd think he'd have got tired by now, but there's no sign of that happening. Simon is one of the original founders of the magazine, and is also the main staff photographer. You'll frequently find him trackside at race events all over Europe. Ask him what his favourite bike is and be prepared for a long answer. But generally it boils down to a gesture at whatever he's on at the time, a wry smile and "This one." He owns a GSX-R 750 and drives an old school BMW M5 when he needs more passenger or luggage space.

Laura Bradley, Race Reporter.

Laura has been far too into motorbikes in general and racing in particular ever since her father (yes, it's no coincidence) took her to the Brands Hatch SBK round in 2003. With qualifications in English and Creative Writing, a journalistic career beckoned and this seemed to be the logical place to start. Since her first arrival on the scene, Laura has grown into a confident and highly capable writer and an extremely adept interviewer. (Editor's note - for some reason the riders prefer to be interviewed by an attractive young woman than by me. I can't think why...) In the near term we intend to put Laura through her bike test and she'll be reporting on the entire process from start to finish. Then she gets let loose on the road. Her mother will not be happy.

Richard Handley, race photographer.

The Editor again, this time testing the Alto Evolution SBK Honda Fireblade at Vallelunga...Richard is an accomplished rider and hardcore race enthusiast. The fact that he's also a pretty good photographer is a bonus, as is the fact that he's very easy company. He's there trackside at most European SBK rounds and his contribution is invaluable as he often seems to find the right place to get the action while Simon is just getting arty shots...

Sharon Newton, race photgrapher.

Sharon is particularly adept at grid and pitlane photography, so that's where you'll find her most often. It's an area we're moving into - trying to show some of the less commonly pictured elements of racing - so expect to see more of her work as the season progresses.

We have other occasional contributors who crop up, and we'll introduce them in their articles as and when they appear.

Social Media

We have a Facebook page here where we tend to upload race comments, photos and any other fast moving stuff that may come across our desks. Sometimes there will be breaks where nothing much happens, sometimes there will be three or four updates a day. We also have a Twitter account, @MotorbikesToday, which is run by Laura and again tends to be busiest around race weekends.

Contacting us:

Because of the amount of junkmail we were receiving, we've turned off the traditional Admin and other similar addresses. But we're still easy enough to reach. The best way to make a comment about anything you've see on the site is via our Facebook page, which we regularly (some say far too regularly) check. You could also e-mail Simon if you really don't want it to be a public comment. Just send it to Simon at MotorbikesToday.com and he should receive it.

Image uses and the like:

Cagiva's Raptor was a delight to photograph...We generate a lot of images, and we normally don't mind them being used provided we're asked first and we are acknowledged as the source. There may be a charge, depending on what you want to use them for.

In the same way, if we review a bike or product and you want to use the copy then we will normally give permission if it is asked. We do get a bit cheesed off when people just use our work without asking, though - it's rude and unprofessional. And we usually find out.

If you see an image you particularly like we can supply limited edition prints or watermarked wallpapers for a modest fee. Mail in and ask for details.



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